1. Carnival – Scar Night
“Her Name is Carnival”

Carnival is a scarred angel who stalks the city of Deepgate once a month searching for blood . Though she may seem a dark villain, the reader will find as the Deepgate Codex trilogy progresses Carnival grosw into a God Slaying bad ass force for good. The entire trilogy is worth reading just for this memorable Carnival character.

2. Uther Doul – The Scar
“Live Man Doul”

Uther Doul is the Grand Admiral Thrwan (Star Wars reference) of the steampunk world. Doul possesses a ceramic sword that taps into probability. The probablity sword allows him to take on large numbers of opponents of all races including vampires, mosquito women and the New Crobuzon navy . His mysterious origins can be traced to the High Cromlich a nightmare world of Vampires and Zombies. Always in control(perhaps more than anyone suspects) Uther Doul is the enforcer for the “Lovers” the leaders of floating city of Armadas. Doul is smooth and his ability to manipulate probability will leave the reader of The Scar wondering just who is in control of the city of Armada.

3. Alexia Tarabotti – Soulless

The main character from Gail Carriger’s Soulless, Tarabotti is a refreshing break from the standard steampunk cliched women. The standard Steampunk  women , seemingly always the creation of a male author, is of a women in Victorian times who isn’t happy with her station in life as a women and generally wants to do scientific and masculine things. Tarabotti breaks this mold and creates a real female character who isn’t trying to be a man.  She’s interesting women with a pretty cool super power that doesn’t do the broken record feminist pioneer bit.

Alexia Tarabotti’s does not have a soul which makes her invulnerable for the most part from the attacks of Warewolves, Ghost’s and Vampires. However her abilities do make her a target of sorts.

4. The Commodore Jared Black – The Jackalian Series

The Jackalian series could also be called the continuing adventures of Commodore Black. Black is never the central figure in the Stephen Hunt series but makes his appearance in all of Kingdom of Jackals Novels. Black is a Naval Captain and Scoundrel. Sometimes Submarine or Airship crewmen. He might not be the most interesting character but the cameo style appearance in the class Jackalian series minus Jack Cloudie (witch is somewhat dreadful) is deserving of an appearance.

5. Spiral Jacobs – The Bas Lags Series
“Are you a Doubler?”

It’s not until reading through the Bas Lag Trilogy several times that the reader will realize that Jacobs makes an appearance in Perdido Street Station and the Scar before coming to take a central role in Iron Council. The

Jacobs is a homeless vagrant who drifts in and out of lucidity oh and he is also the Teshi ambassador.