The Falling Machine if, remembered correctly, (it has been a while since this blogger read it) is in the style of a steampunk mystery adventure meets the X-Men. Society of Steam is  comic book super heros put in a steampunk world. Not unlike elements from Stephen Hunts The Kingdom Beyond the Waves.  What sets it apart from the bulk of Steam Punk works is it’s New York based not London based. This gives the story a fresh feel as the London based steampunk setting can get to be a bit redundant.

Now generally I try to write in the impersonal manner but because it has been a long time since I’ve read this book I’m going to tell you what I remember and my general impression.

The Story does unfortunately have the hyper cliche’d young women who wishes she was a man character there is enough interesting aspects of the Novel to make it worth a read. The Falling Machines most glaring detraction might be that it was set up too early as a series. Meaning the book ends on some kind of cliff hanger set up for the next novel Generally a novel should have been written as a stand alone work and if it is worthy of a sequel it can be.

The following is a blurb from the Society of Steam

The story takes place in 1880 where women can’t vote, or be batman style crime fighters, Sarah Stanton is a 20 year on socialite who has great ambitions towards becoming an x-men style super hero. She does indeed become a super hero when a member of the Paragons (an x-men style unit), New York’s best team gentlemen crime fighters, is murdered in her presence. To discover what was behind the assassination, Sarah joins with The Automaton the mechanical man. They must find what is behind the Paragons conspiracy. Sarah must face to the insane criminal behind the murder, she has to find the strength to give her life of status and rescue her mechanical comrade.

The Falling Machine the first book The Society of Steam is set in Victorian period New York that runs on the newly discovered “Fortified Steam”, a vapor that gives people powers, and can change a person of great character.