A Red Sun Also Rises is a pleasantly original steampunk book by Mark Hodder. A Red Suns is a break from Hodder’s flagship the now growing Burton and Swinburne Series that explores a completely new world but carries with it the traditional Victorian based characters . It almost reads like a bizarre dream where talking peanut like aliens burst into horrible monsters. It’s setting feels at times like Yellow Submarine’s Pepperland.  Why is this story called a  A Red Sun Also Rises?, because a red sun also rises.

The Story is written first person by a English priest named Aiden Fleischer who must flea his town with his sexton, a crippled women named Clarissa Stark. After some Jack the Ripper stuff the two of them end up on a strange Planet with two suns and some aliens that look like peanuts with several legs. They make their way across the world and find a city not unlike the London but with Peanut like Aliens called Yatsill. These aliens talked and behave as if they are a British people. Fleischer and Clarissa move in as a type of nobility and live in a home not much different from the one they came from. Now the problem is that as the two suns sets a red sun will also rise and turn a strange world into something much more deadly.

The first half of the story is everyone in the world is waiting for the two suns to set. This will mark the time of the return of the Blood Gods who will attack on the London like city of New Yatsill.

This is a good read that doesn’t fall into the many cliches other steampunk books seem to follow. Hodder is an original and thorough steampunk author and doesn’t disappoint.  It has a little of The Spring Heeled Jack Series feel but let lose in an even more fantastical world. It will be interesting to see if there is a sequel.