The Court of The Air

It’s been a decade since the Court of the Air first appeared. It has seemingly gone unnoticed except for a few hardcore fans. The first book in the Jackelian Series and is arguably the best of the series. It has a Star Wars meets the Wizard of Oz feel and borrows from the Steampunk Bas Lag series but still builds a very original world.  Hunt seems to understand above all that a story needs to be interesting.

The Court of the Air’s Kingdom of Jackals is one of the most elaborate worlds in all of steampunk fiction and a must visit for steampunk fantasy fans. Including magic, steam powered men (steam-men), various humanoid races, airship navies and underground insect kingdoms. It is an absolute must read for and steampunk fan. Every book in the series can primarily be read as a stand alone work.

The Jackelian Series

    1. The Court of the Air
    2. The Kingdom Beyond the Wave
    3. Rise of the Iron Moon
    4. Secrets of the Fire Sea
    5. Jack Cloudie

The Court of the Air is an adventure set in one of the best steampunk fiction worlds. The story starts out in Middlesteel the capital of Jackals protected by the powerful Jackelian Airship navy. There are also steam-men countries ruled by a steam-man king. Jackals Neighbor of quarter shift is fenced off by an invisible curse fence that doesn’t that doesn’t allow the impoverished people cross into Jackals. Jackals feels like a cartoon and real all at the same time.

The world and style is very much like China Mieville although slightly less dark and sophisticated. The story follows the narrative of two characters Molly Templar and Oliver Brooks. Both are orphans that develop Jedi like powers. The two of the make their way through the Kingdom of Jackals to do battle with a dark force from the past. Throughout the Jackelian series Hunt takes narratives from popular stories and incorporates them into his rich steampunk fantasy. The Court of the Air contains elements of Star Wars, where the sequels include Indian Jones, 2001 A Space Odyssey,  The Princess of Mars and Batman. The Court of The Air even includes what could be considered an X-Men like group.  

The Court of the Air is a must read for any steampunk fan. It’s a very entertaining well paced adventure. It’s the first and the best of the Jackelian series.