Deepgate (Scar Night) Deepgate is a steampunk city that hangs on chains above a seemingly bottomless pit. The City is criss crossed with Chains and is a wonderful setting for a steampunk showdown. Deepgate holds at it’s center a monastery that houses the last of a line of angels. It makes for an interesting visual and makes Scar Night a good read.

The reason Deepgate was built over a hole in the middle of a desert is because a god dwells below. When a person dies in order to save their soul their bodies are dropped into the hole to be saved. However, the faith of the Deepgate residence might just be misplaced.


Armada (The Scar) Is a floating pirate city set in the world of Bas Lag. It is made from a flotilla of boats of random origins. It is made from the corpse of Ghost ships powered by moonlight and Khepri clockwork ships. The city of Armada is about 1 mile in diameter and moves across the ocean. It is a prison for the main characters of The Scar. Armada grows in intrigue as they raise an ancient creature know a avanc to propel the city through the Bas Lag oceans.


Middlesteel (The Court of The Air) Presumably the Capital of The Kingdom of Jackals. Its a steampunk city with skyscrapers made possible by a structure supported by pneumatic air pressure. Middlesteel is home to many different species of humanoid including the steam man a race that might remind one the Tin Man.

New Crobuzon

New Crobuzon (Perdido Street Station) The City State of New Crobuzon is the most powerful in Bas Lag. Built under a mysterious and ancient rib cage. This city is populated with both humans and non human races and is under the authority of the fascist militia. The city is positioned between two converging rivers the Gross and Tarr which merge to become the Gross Tarr.

Steampunk City Name Generator

If you want to kill a few minutes of your day check out this steampunk city name generator. About 1 out of every 30 are pretty decent steampunk city names.