Agatha H and the Airship City is an illustrated comic made into a novel. The story has a very anime feel ( Full Metal Alchemist meets The Last Exile). Most surprising is the minimal amount true action that takes place in what should  be an action adventure novel. It devotes a lot of attention to the development of the characters and the world in which they live. Agatha H and the Airship City  is entertaining but doesn’t bring many original concepts to the steampunk genre.

The dynamic between nations is a little difficult to follow. Agatha starts out in a ground based city that is in someway subject to the Baron superior city state. She is then brought to the airship city where she remains for the rest of the story.

Along with general conflict between nations there is a constant threat from the sky of bug like invaders a very Enders Game dynamic. These bugs are an interesting element that seems to get buried for the majority of the novel.

Agatha H is what is known as a “Spark”, a person who has a royal lineage with mad scientist like abilities. This is similar to the Clockworkers in The Doomday Machine. The Story Follows Agatha as she and others come to discover her powers of scientific creation. Her powers to make scientific things are both a blessing and a curse. She is also discovered to be the descendant of famous Sparks the Brothers who are hero’s in the Steampunk world.

Agatha Finds herself on a floating airship city governed by a pseudo tyrannical Baron. She discovers her own origins and sets out to meet her destiny.

As a work of steampunk this book has some moments of intrigue. However a fan of the comic works might take more joy in the overall story. While not a terrible story it won’t leave the reader with much to ponder after it’s read.