Steampunk Books

What is is a blog that gives hackneyed steampunk book reviews and lists. Steampunk is a sub genre of science fiction that had it’s genesis in the early 1980’s.

Generally Steampunk novels include elements of both fantasy and sci fiction, based in either a literal or alluded to Victorian World. The bulk of steampunk alternative history is set in late 1800’s Victorian Era London.

Steampunk literature can be broken down into two main sub categories Alternate History and Steampunk Fantasy.

Steampunk Alternate History

  • Alternate History seemingly makes up the majority of steampunk literature. The bulk of it is set in late 1800’s Victorian Era London. Generally the alternate history includes elements of fantasy not simply differing historical events. The best example of Steampunk alternate history would be The Difference Engine where the analog computer is invented in the victorian era.

Steampunk Fantasy

  • Steampunk Fantasy is a novel set in a completely fictitious world that incorporates many elements of the Victorian London. Generally it is set in a world that relies on Steam powered technology. A world where the steam era may last Centuries rather than a couple decades.

Steampunk Books Articles

Uther Doul vs Silas Fennec

The Scar pits the wits of a spy scoundrel Silas Fennec aka Simon Fench vs the strategic warrior Uther Doul. While the protagonist of The Scar is Bellis Coldwin the major conflict of the story is betweeen Doul and Fennec. Coldwin is used at times as an agent on behalf...

Is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Steampunk Fiction?

It has been several years since the release of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and it's subsequent Film. The book was a landmark historical fantasy novel that was original and fun. It is in the spirit of steampunk and belongs in the conversation while lacking having no...

Why The Court of the Air is Excellent Steampunk Fiction

The Court of The Air It's been a decade since the Court of the Air first appeared and  has seemingly gone unnoticed except for a few hardcore fans. It is the first book in the Jackelian Series and is most likely the best. It's star wars meets the Wizard of Oz. It...

China Mieville’s Census Taker

This Census Taker could be considered because of its relatively short length is somewhere between a short story and novel that tells the story of a boy and his family on a giant hill. The main character, a boy not named, narrates the story of his murderous father and...

Alternate History vs Steampunk Fantasy

There are really two different sub genre of steampunk literature. Alternate History There is the alternate history steampunk sub genre that is set in a historically based world(usually Victorian London). The technology or historical events have for some reason veered...

Steampunk Classic Infernal Devices K.W. Jeter

K.W. Jeter's Infernal Devices a Classic Steampunk Novel worth reading. Having been Published in the early 1980's it is was on of the earliest works of steampunk and has a lot of the themes that would connect steampunk works. The author Jeter is considered a founding...

Coolest Cities In Steampunk Novels

Deepgate Deepgate (Scar Night) Deepgate is a steampunk city that hangs on chains above a seemingly bottomless pit. The City is criss crossed with Chains and is a wonderful setting for a steampunk showdown. Deepgate holds at it's center a monastery that houses the last...

Scar Night by Alan Campbell

A city in the desert hangs by chains over a deep hole, the ancient city of Deepgate is home to a young angel kept locked away in a monastery. The last of his line, Dill is descended from legendary Battle-archons who once defended the city. Forbidden to fly and...

Agatha H and the Airship City by the Foglios

Agatha H and the Airship City is an illustrated comic made into a novel. The story has a very anime feel ( Full Metal Alchemist meets The Last Exile). Most surprising is the minimal amount true action that takes place in what should  be an action adventure novel. It...

Top Five Steampunk Characters of Alltime

1. Carnival - Scar Night "Her Name is Carnival" Carnival is a scarred angel who stalks the city of Deepgate once a month searching for blood . Though she may seem a dark villain, the reader will find as the Deepgate Codex trilogy progresses Carnival grosw into a God...

Books for Kicking off a Steampunk Addiction

Jumping off into the Steampunk World These are books that aren't overly difficult to follow and are a good sample of what steampunk is all about. They all rank among the best if not the very best of the genre. The Court of The Air. Stephen Hunt A wonderful and...

Remembering – The Falling Machine by Andrew P. Mayer

The Falling Machine if, remembered correctly, (it has been a while since this blogger read it) is in the style of a steampunk mystery adventure meets the X-Men. Society of Steam is  comic book super heros put in a steampunk world. Not unlike elements from Stephen...

Where Goodreads Best Steampunk Books Get it Wrong

The GoodReads Best Steampunk Books list keeps growing but is a flawed list. It is a list constructed by the public and has some head scratches near the top. The list be an excellent place for finding new Steampunk books and giving some gauge of their quality ....

Railsea by China Mieville – Not a Bad Young Adult Steampunk Book

Despite being a young adult fiction novel Railsea is a very interesting steampunkish novel. Railsea is Imaginative and it's story brings sufficient novelty to be worth a read. It is written by China Mieville most likely the greatest author since Mark Twain. The world...

A Red Sun Also Rises by Mark Hodder

A Red Sun Also Rises is a pleasantly original steampunk book by Mark Hodder. A Red Suns is a break from Hodder's flagship the now growing Burton and Swinburne Series that explores a completely new world but carries with it the traditional Victorian based characters ....

A Review of China Mieville Iron Council

Iron Council picks up about 20 years after the events of the first book in the Bas Lag series know as Perdido Street Station. Iron Council follows two separate story lines. The first followed is that of an adventure troop on a quest to find a golemist named Judah Low....

A review Escapement by Jay Lake

Escapement follows three separate but intertwining story-lines of Paulina (a village girl with great tele-mechanical powers), AL-Wazir (a british aerostat officer) and Childress (a librarian turned secret order diplomat). These characters make their way by foot,...

Review of Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Station is a masterpiece of steampunk fiction. It's the style of a monster horror thriller but in a wonderful steampunk world. Perdido Street Station was the first in China Mieville's Bas Lag series and the start of what has been coined the "new weird".... -Rankings

  1. The Scar 98/100 | Buy
  2. Perdido Street Station 95/100
  3. The Court of The Air 91/100
  4. The Strange Affair of Springheeled Jack 90/100
  5. Iron Council 90/100
  6. Scar Night 89/100
  7. The Kingdom Beyond The Waves 89/100
  8. A Red Sun Also Rise 88/100
  9. Boneshaker 86/100
  10. Retribution Falls 84/100
  11. The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man 84/100
  12. The Half Made World 84/100
  13. Darwinia 83/100
  14. Secrets of the Fire Sea 82/100
  15. Expedition To The Mountains of the Moon 82/100
  16. Iron Angel 80/100
  17. The Bookman 78/100
  18. The Rise of The Iron Moon 78/100
  19. RailSea 78/100
  20. The Falling Machine78/100
  21. Camera Obscura 77/100
  22. Whitechapel Gods 77/100
  23. Agatha H and the Airship City 74/100
  24. Escapement 72/100
  25. The Horn of Ruin 71/100
  26. The Doomsday Vault 70/100
  27. The Buntline Special 69/100
  28. Ganymede 65/100
  29. All Men of Genius 33/100