1. Soulless Gail Carriger
  2. This is by no means a bad book but it often rated on websites as the best steampunk book of all, which it is not. The best quality of the book is that its female main character is a written as a real women who wants to be a women and not the standard steampunk women who wishes she was a man.
    Of all the books on the top 5 overrated steampunk books it is worth reading.

  3. Leviathan Scott Westerfield
  4. This story is a very simple young adult fiction that is regrettably put on lists of the best steampunk works. It has some interesting history but the story is straight and simple forward.

  5. All Men of GeniusLev Grossman
  6. By far the worst work of steampunk ever written. It has the standard boring steampunk girl character who wishes she was a man. The story drags on and doesn’t have an original concept in it.

  7. The Affinity BridgeGeorge Mann
  8. This story seems as though it was written by a steampunk generating program. It is bland and has many steampunk cliches.

  9. Dreadnought Cherie Priest
  10. Every book in the series after Boneshaker are not worth reading.