Iron Council picks up about 20 years after the events of the first book in the Bas Lag series know as Perdido Street Station. Iron Council follows two separate story lines. The first followed is that of an adventure troop on a quest to find a golemist named Judah Low.

Low(who is very Qui Gon Jinn like) has left the political unrest of New Crobuzon to find the legendary Iron Council. A group of renegade rail road workers and remade who have sought freedom and independence in the wilderness of Bas Lag. Their home is a roaming city on wheels the “Perpetual Train”. Low believes that the return of the Iron Council to New Crobuzon will bring about the overthrow of the corrupt and oppressive mayors office.

The story also follows the tale of a would be street thug and revolutionary named Rory. Rory joins with a subversive gang lead by the mysterious and powerful Torro.

Iron Council is a interesting read that brings reader through the Bas Lag country side and eventually to the Costacoptic Stain. A weird kind of “TwighLight” Zone area where cruel bizarre manifestations happen at random.

Iron Council jumps around chronologically but is much more straight forward story then the first two novels. Perdido Street Station and The Scar seemed to have what might be thought of as dead end information. This might not be the correct way to categorize this but this is what will be used.

An example of this dead end information in Perdido Street Station would be Mayor Rudgutter and his cohorts go and talk to the ambassador from hell. This meeting doesn’t progress the story at all other than to show that going to the weaver was an absolute last option.


Read: Perdido Street Station, The Scar and then Iron Council the repeat.