The GoodReads Best Steampunk Books list keeps growing but remains a flawed list. The Goodreads list can be an excellent source for finding new Steam Punk one might not be aware of. However the top of the list with a few exceptions is a weak representative of the best of what the steampunk genre has to offer. The following will address each in the GoodReads Top Ten.

  1. Soulless : Gail Carriger | Souless is in no way a bad book. It feminine book not one meant for a male audience. It does score major points however for being one of the few steampunk books that doesn’t have a female character who wishes she was a man. ┬áIt’s a well written book that doesn’t offer enough for a male audience.
  2. Leviathan : Scott Westerfield | Is a young adult adventure with a time and setting that would be a stretch to be considered steampunk. It’s not terrible but it is a very simple read and lacks any kind of depth. It’s a story that’s fine but just doesn’t belong in the conversation of top steampunk. It most likely gets a boost from it’s young adult reading status.
  3. Boneshaker : Cheri Priest | While the sequels to Boneshaker(“Ganymede” and “Dreadnought”); Boneshaker is actually a very original and interesting work of Steampunk. In some ways the story drags but the setting and characters are absolutely what good steampunk should be about.
  4. Perdido Street Station : China Mieville | This Definitely Deserves a spot in the Top Ten. This is a very difficult read but worth reading multiple times. The weird world created by Mieville is one the reader will get lost in. While Perdido Street Station’s sequel The Scar could be considered the superior steampunk book it remains the start of the new weird.
  5. The Time Machine : H.G. Wells | This can be debated but The Time Machine is not a work of Steampunk. Steampunk didn’t develop till much later Wells is simply writing science fiction.

The Best Way to Search Good Reads list of the best steampunk books is to use it a guide to find an appealing story.