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Four Overused Steampunk Cliches

4. The Airship The airship journey in a steampunk novel is almost always pointless and generally brings the story to a crawl. Its just that blimps/aerostats/airships are slow moving balloons and don't do all that much for...
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A Red Sun Also Rises by Mark Hodder

A Red Sun Also Rises is a pleasantly original steampunk book by Mark Hodder. Hodder diverged from the now growing Burton and Swineburn Series to write the at times bizarre but interesting A Red Sun Also Rise. Its called a A...
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Top 5 Overrated Steampunk Works

Soulless Gail Carriger This is by no means a bad book but it often rated on websites as the best steampunk book of all, which it is not. The best quality of the book is that its female main character is a written as a real...
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The Best Steampunk Book China Mieville’s The Scar

The Scar The Scar is as good as it gets for steampunk reading or reading in any other genre for that matter. The story is a weird steampunkish fantasy that twists and turns but above all keeps the reader interested....
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Top Ten Steampunk Books

Top Three Dominated by China Mieville's Bas Lag Series   The Scar - China Mieville The Scar is best steam punk novel. It expands brilliantly upon the world of Bas Lag born out of Perdido Street Station. The reader is...
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Jack Cloudie by Stephen Hunt

The Kingdom of Jackals' Aerostat Navy's Arial Monopoly is in Jeopardy! Jack Cloudie the fifth of Stephen Hunt's Jackelian steampunk novels follows the stories of two would be heros Jack Keats and Omar Ibn Barir. Jack is a...
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A Review of China Mieville Iron Council

Iron Council picks up about 20 years after the events of the first book in the Bas Lag series know as Perdido Street Station. Iron Council follows two separate story lines. The First Story followed is that of an adventure...
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What is a Steampunk Book?

Steam Punk is genre of Science Fiction that has been developed over the last thirty years. The cookie Cutter definition of Steampunk is that of a story set in Victorian England where there is advanced steam powered...
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A review Escapement by Jay Lake

Escapement follows three separate but intertwining story-lines of Paulina (a village girl with great powers), AL- Wazir (a british aerostat officer) and Childress (a librarian turned secret order diplomat). They make their...
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Review of Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Station was the first in China Mieville's Bas Lag series and the start of what has been coined the "new weird". Its gritty, dark and imaginative but what is most interesting is its complex story. This book...
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